Three organizations including P H Solution Awarded to the “अलौकिक कवि देशभक्त सिंह कुँवर “

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2080 Karthik, 03
The extraordinary poet Deshbhakta Singh Kunwar celebrated the recognition of three institutions, Kunwar Veerkhalk Nepal, P H Solution and Machapuchhre Dance Training Center, along with cultural family, conferring the title of Literary Emperor and Poetic Emperor to Kunwar Veerkhalk, including Literary Award and Poet Emperor title, as well as Machapuchhre Cultural Award. Each institution honored him with a cash prize ranging from Rs. 1 lakh to 3 lakhs.

In addition, on the 31st of Bhadra, MD Cultural Group Nepal honored him with the title of Emotional Emperor. The organizing family, in collaboration with P H Solution, Machapuchhre Dance Training Center, and the Cultural Family Pokhara, and Kunwar Veerkhalk Nepal, proudly acknowledged this joint collaboration. Deshbhakta has been recognized for his contributions to literature, music, journalism, and communication, receiving numerous valuable titles and honors from various organizations and institutions. The recent recognition by P H Solution, Machapuchhre Dance Training Center, and the Cultural Family Pokhara, in collaboration with Kunwar Veerkhalk Nepal, attests to his continued commitment to artistic creation. Deshbhakta has not only excelled in literature but has also made a mark in modeling in several popular songs.

In the month of Baisakh, he released the first complete poetry collection in the history of Nepali literature, named “Sau Gita,” dedicated to humanity. This is his fifteenth work. Deshbhakta Kunwar, the founder of the Pratishthan Nepal family, has been continuously contributing to literature and music for more than a decade. He has received respect and recognition from various organizations and the public for his unwavering dedication to literary creation and his efforts to uplift society. The event was attended by Chief Guest George John, Senior Physicist Dr. Buddhi Bahadur Thapa, and Senior Singer Baba Rana. Prabhu Bahadur Kunwar, founder of the Pratishthan Nepal family, provided insights into Deshbhakta’s thoughts, praising his continuous and commendable contributions to literature, music, journalism, and communication, and expressing gratitude on behalf of the organizing family.

The program was smoothly conducted by Debendra S. K., with the active participation of senior dance director and artist Suvas Rai and social worker Krishna Bahadur Kunwar. The role of administration was managed by Megha FM Pokhara’s protector Ramadevi Kunwar, communication worker Sapna Kunwar, social worker Bishwamohan Gauchan, and graphics designer Dipak Saru Magar. The event concluded with the President of P H Solution a very young entrepreneur Mr. MAK GURUNG, expressing gratitude.

Here is some snapshots of the program below:

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